About Us

Hansadhwani is a social enterprise headed by musician- musicologist, researcher, and collaborating therapist Prateeksha Sharma.

In music, her principal interest lies in music pedagogy, both in its pure and applied forms. While she works in music education with children and adults separately, she is also keenly invested in music in education. She is a trained classical musician rooted in the Indore gharana and Kirana gharana traditions, even as she continues training as a senior disciple of her septuagenarian guru, Smt. Madhuri Dandage, in Pune, Maharashtra. Here is a sample of a ghazal, sung and composed by her.

She has been researching in diverse areas of music, and her research has been published in   journals both in India and overseas, in the areas of music psychology, music therapy and music education.

Mental Health

Prateeksha is concurrently a doctoral researcher at the Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad, researching into recovery from psychosis in the Indian context. Her work in mental health is an outcome of her experiential perspectives in the field, which now also inform her therapeutic practice, which is called Recovery Oriented Counseling. She maintains a blog about recovery. She has also been writing occasional articles in newspapers and magazines about mental illness.

In mental health, she works as a Recovery Specialist, helping people recover from debilitating mental ‘illnesses’ via supportive counseling and helping in creating a life they themselves want to live. She also trains university students in the ethical aspects of counseling and understanding human suffering, from non-clinical, non-stigmatizing perspectives.

The research is freely downloadable at from this link.