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Hansadhwani is taking music wider to diverse populations, appropriate to their social, educational and health needs. In India, though a huge variety of musical traditions and styles exists, there is a relative lack of research about how to teach the same music to different people. Our work is research-oriented at all levels and we freely disseminate our publications. In music, the key areas of our work are musicology, and applied musicology.

The focus of the former lies in music teaching for children of school-going age. We distinguish between two sets of learners based on their age- children less than 10 years of age and adolescents over 10. We also offer music learning for adult learners. Every population can be ‘served’ using music in some way and it is our effort to do so in a minuscule one.

Wherever we can, we do not hesitate to tailor-make our solutions. We understand that in modern living, people may not always be able to take long term courses or learn classical music in a fixed, exam-oriented regimen. That should not deprive them of the joy of engaging with music.

We prefer to NOT offer an exam-oriented musical training- our training is learner-centric. However, we endeavour that our students know enough music- both practically and theoretically,  to be at par with anyone learning music in any good music training institution, anywhere in India.

SwarGanga Music Workshop are our music schools offering a unique music education in Delhi and Faridabad, Haryana. We refer to our schools as ‘workshop’, because we live by innovating, researching, adapting and creating solutions around music. The word ‘workshop’ denotes a place of activity, not a fixity where curriculums and methods are non-variable.

The focus of SwarGanga is to impart musical training to individuals appropriate to their age, their musical acumen and their vocation in life. We do not believe that a child of five years has the same ability as a teenager of 14 or an older person of 47. The training imparted to each of them has to be different, starting from a conceptual level. Keeping in mind the divergent needs of different groups of people, we offer solutions, classes, workshops or programs which respond to different educational and health requirements, both short and long-term.

Inclusion As a social enterprise we are committed to social justice and endeavour to reach musical training to everyone, irrespective of their ability to pay for music classes. Wherever feasible, we try to cross-subsidize, so that nobody having interest and aptitude is deprived of music education. We also wish to create learning environments where individuals are exposed to other segments of society apart from their own, in non-judgmental ways.

The goals of SwarGanga include-

  1. To train school-going children in nuances of music, which assists them to become more aesthetically, spiritually and emotionally rich individuals;
  2. To impart a sufficiently rich, nuanced and deep level of musical training to those wishing to make careers in music;
  3. To offer a philosophical worldview, anchored in the rich traditions of India, without needlessly filling young minds with a competitiveness which makes learning onerous;
  4. To teach adults in a manner which responds to their learning abilities and not in any inflexible way of teaching music;
  5. To provide learners with rich musical content, not borrowed from the film industry or any popular genre as such;
  6. To create a scope for independent musical thinking and performance in each of our students;
  7. To provide a music education that students enjoy deeply.

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